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the Determinat proposition is simple - exceptional quality, functional technologies, and style. Determinant reengineered wardrobe essentials with functions that make your life easier, so you can worry less and focus on things that are important to you. 

With smart solutions for the modern professional, our products are sleek and functional in design, ranging from wrinkle-free and water-repellent shirts to anti-bacterial treated masks and travel essentials. 

DET30™ mask

The Det30 mask is a general-purpose reusable cotton mask for daily use. made with anti-bacterial treated fabric, it creates a barrier to obstruct droplets and has a high degree of breathability and comfort. 



Determinant wellness products are designed to complement a liftstyle in the new normal, providing protection and comfort so that you can have peace of mind and focus on living life to the fullest. 

we are bringing back your peace of mind, with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and water-repellent technology to safeguard you from germs in your day-to-day lives. that way, you can focus on the bigger things and seize your day in comfort. 


Face scarf

versatility at its finest, you can wear this as a scarf for warmth; slide it easily over your face for protection; use it as a headband for working out; or use it in any creative ways. this face scarf is made from soft, breathable cotton with anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, making it great for keeping out dust, smoke, allergens and germs.


sleep mask

Block out the world and get some good quality rest wherever you are. the light touch of the 100% cotton on your skin will help send you off into a relaxing deep sleep. understanding the importance of facial hygiene, these sleep masks are also anti-bacterial and anti-viral. 


Hoodie pillow

perfect for a nap with some privacy - the u-shaped cushion supports your neck on long flights, while the hood creates a personal sanctuary in the middle of a crowded room. the added zipper allows the cover to come off easily so you can wash and keep it clean, while the anti-bacterial and anti-viral finishing means fewer washes are required in the first place.


Sleeping bag liner

your perfect travel companion, this sleeping bag liner provides a layer of protection and warmth on all your adventures, with anti-bacterial finishing for added safety. the smooth poplinweave makes it comfortable on the skin, while the rectangular shape gives your legs ample space to move around and sleep in whatever position suits you. designed to be an easy add to your carry-on, this sleeping bag liner is foldable, lightweight, and comes with a storage bag. 



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